Hot Shot Trucking is Changing the Face of Logistics

The term ‘hotshot trucking’ is a relatively new one to catch on in the wider world of shipping and logistics but the concept has been around for a while. Most accounts put the birth of hot shot hauling in the early days of oil exploration in Texas. When you’re running a massive industrial operation, something as […]

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Dependable Hot Shot Trucking Insurance

When our trucks are on the road carrying precious cargo and expensive merchandise, there is the inevitable concern about insurance and coverage in the event of an accident along the way.  OGG TRUCKING takes the safety and care of our loads very seriously because we know how important that peace of mind is to our […]

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The Fast and Affordable Way to Ship LTL Freight to Any State

Are you looking to ship a car, tractor, or crate of goods across the country? Did you buy something online that needs delivered to your house from several states away? If you’re looking for personalized shipping options from a reputable hauler, congratulations, you found us!

The OGG Fleet is comprised of individually certified and experienced truck […]

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How Can I Ship my Car Across Country?

Help!  I just bought an awesome car from a guy on the internet but it’s in Texas and I’m in Chicago.  What do I do?

With the multitudes of online car dealers you can find across the Internet these days, it’s not uncommon to find your next ride a few thousand miles away. Do you pay […]

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What is Hotshot Trucking?

Millions of deliveries are made every day across the United States, many by large trucking and logistics corporations who operate fleets of tractor trailers and big rig trucks. While this large scale shipping is an important part of moving goods and materials around the country, it doesn’t suit the needs of smaller companies and individuals […]

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How we Transport LTL Freight

The business of open road trucking and freight transportation is a massive industry in the United States.  We put almost all of our consumer goods on trucks and send them over state lines.  This is an important piece of American infrastructure for large manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail chains that need a steady schedule of cross-country […]

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The Benefits of Small Town Service

We’re headquartered in the rolling hills of Hocking County in Southeast Ohio where life is still very rural and close-knit.  Towns are small and families are large. This is the kind of environment that produced a solid work ethic and commitment to customer care for both the management and staff of our trucking company and […]

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Introducing a Better Way to Haul

We’re live on the web!

The team here at Ogg Equipment & Trucking is excited to announce our brand new website and social media platforms, designed to help our customers and clients find and communicate with us at all times.  As one of the newer trucking companies to enter the shipping and logistics market, we’re eager […]

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